Famous Texas Food News - Family Style Restaurant Review

It’s such an unusual concept, it’s hard to take in: dishes span sushi, chicken wings and shrimp tempura, and drinks cover espresso, lattes and imported beer — all served in a modern diner setting that’s also a state of the art carwash.
Ordinarily, most any menu listing a lamb Gyro, prime sashimi tuna and hot dogs & burgers on the same menu would be a warning. It’s almost impossible to follow through on such culinary range with any consistency.
But Monster Carwash proprietors did their homework, flying in chefs and conducting extensive research to offer Asian and American standards with surprising success.
The Gyro and Fries ($7.50) is a spicy version of the Greek pita sandwich, filled with shaved lamb and topped with a traditional cold cream sauce — strongly reminiscent of top-notch, big city street food.
The accompanying fries are notably crisp and piping hot.
The Pad Thai (yes, that’s right, Pad Thai, $7.50), is a rich version of Thailand’s signature noodle dish, tossed with chicken, egg, onion, sprouts and dusted with chopped peanuts/
The list goes on: Gyoza dumplings, fried calamari, chicken Feta salad, mixed fried rice and a total of eight sushi rolls, all $7 or under.
And (you really have to hold on to your Armor All for this one) Monster Carwash is vegetarian friendly, offering tofu as a substitute for chicken or beef on any Asian dish.
Strangely, Monster Carwash might have the best bar and grill in the region, complete with a big-screen X Box system to make any wait an adventure.
Don’t take our word for it, check out the spectacle for yourself. It’s right up there with snowflakes falling in Deep South Texas.